Tuesday, March 2, 2010

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One of our most popular Eco-Friendly Favor Box is this Pandan 3 inch square.  This is perfect for Hawaiian, Tropical, Destination Weddings ---
Most of our previous blogs/photos  about this Pandan Favor Box is decorated either with clay flowers by Diane of DK Designs or with some kind of ribbon etc.  One of our prospective client who is has an e-commerce website for weddings requested us to have our products be posted in their website ---some decorated, some undecorated.  Here are some photos of our Pandan Favor Box undecorated--  Please note that the color may vary due to its natural method of preservation ---sun-drying--

Pandan (Specie-Karagumoy) Box 
Size: 3 inch square with lid
Color: Natural

Note: click on the photos for a larger view---

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