Sunday, March 28, 2010

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I had posted in my earlier blogs this 3 inch Square Pandan Box for Green Wedding Favors or Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors.  Our company sells the Pandan Boxes only and these clay flowers were made by Diane of DK Designs Hawaii. These are lovely and elegant boxes and perfect for destination, hawaiian and tropical weddings and events.  Some great ideas to put inside these pandan boxes are hawaiian macadamia nut cookies, candies etc. 
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Pandan Ring Pillows, Eco-Friendly Weddings, Green Weddings, Pandan Accessories

Pandan Wedding Pillows - Photos courtesy of DK Designs
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Pandan Mini Pillow Wedding Favor, Green Wedding Favor, Eco-Friendly Wedding Accessories, Wedding Favor Placecards

This 3 inch square Pandan Mini Pillow is perfect for either Eco-Friendly Wedding Favor, Green Wedding Favor or for Wedding Placecards--
Pandan Mini Pillow
Size: 3 inches square
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Destination Wedding, Buri , Sinamay Collection,Designs by Lenila, Eco-Friendly Weddings, Green Weddings, Sinamay Cobweb Envelope

Another beautiful creation of Lenila Batali of Designs by Lenila using our Sinamay Envelope - cobweb style weave--
Check our Sinamay Collection - Online catalog

Destination Wedding, Buri , Seahorse Collection -Designs by Lenila, Eco-Friendly Weddings

This artwork of my artist friend Lenila Batali of Designs by Lenila has captured my love for natural products--
I often tell my friends that although I am not an artist, I have colorful imaginations that bring in our natural products, fibers into these wonderful artwork.  So I often discuss my insights with my friend Lenila Batali who turns my ideas into great pieces of artwork.
Here is a photo of what Lenila made:  Her Seahorse Collection-Wedding Invitation using our BURI COLLECTION ---buri sheet in natural brown.
To order this Seahorse Wedding Invitation, please contact Lenila of Designs by Lenila and mention code: Eco-Friendly Market
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Sinamay Envelope, Eco-Friendly Envelope, Sinamay Fiber, Natural Mesh Envelope

Additional Photo of Sinamay Envelope -You can purchase these sinamay envelopes at retail  ---from Beau-coup

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Eco-Friendly Envelopes, Sinamay Envelope, Environmentally Friendly Envelopes, Earth Friendly Envelopes, Natural Mesh Envelopes

Green Wedding Favors, Eco-Friendly Favors, Green Favor Packaging

Here is a photo of Sinamay Envelope with cream ribbon perfect for Green Wedding Favors--
Beau-coup sells them retail and to learn more about these envelopes, please click on this link:

You may also check our websites for more information on these sinamay envelopes:

Sinamay Favor Box, Green Wedding Favors, Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors, Eco-Friendly Packaging, Eco-Friendly Boxes for Wedding Favors

Green Wedding Favors/Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors, Eco-Friendly Favors for various events such as Baby Showers, Birthdays etc.

About two months ago, my friend Diane of DK Designs who specializes in clay flowers had informed me that she will be having classes teaching students how to make these clay flowers.  Diane and I had started working together in our businesses as a team--She makes these clay flowers and uses our eco-friendly boxes and packaging to decorate them.
I told her that I will be sending her our sinamay boxes as a token for her so that her students can use them to decorate with their projects.  She was so happy about it and here is the photo of what came out from her classes.
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Item # SB-LIZA-S
Sinamay Square Lidded Box with wire frame
Size: 3 1/2 inches 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pandan Square Favor Box, Eco-Friendly Favor, Green Wedding Favors, Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors, Eco-Friendly Packaging, Eco-Friendly Box

One of our most popular Eco-Friendly Favor Box is this Pandan 3 inch square.  This is perfect for Hawaiian, Tropical, Destination Weddings ---
Most of our previous blogs/photos  about this Pandan Favor Box is decorated either with clay flowers by Diane of DK Designs or with some kind of ribbon etc.  One of our prospective client who is has an e-commerce website for weddings requested us to have our products be posted in their website ---some decorated, some undecorated.  Here are some photos of our Pandan Favor Box undecorated--  Please note that the color may vary due to its natural method of preservation ---sun-drying--

Pandan (Specie-Karagumoy) Box 
Size: 3 inch square with lid
Color: Natural

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