Monday, December 20, 2010

Have a Blessed & Merry Christmas to all of you!

Its been over a month that I have not posted something here--
Its been really busy with our the last minute orders from our valued clients--usually these companies plan a year ahead and place their orders 12 months prior to the season.
But with the slow economy, most companies try to weigh and check which they think would be viable for them.
Despite the hurdles, we are quite as busy as ever--
and we THANK you our valued clients & friends who always have trust in doing business with us.
To our artisans, we always think of you as our priority, and most of all we thank Him for giving us the blessings we have--
Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas to all of you!

Friday, November 5, 2010


We have listened to you, our valued clients and now here we come---

We have this Blog now exclusive for ECO-FRIENDLY MARKET new product lines.
Facebook: Green Weddings (local business)

For our Gift Packaging Boxes & Envelopes

Exclusive for all Pandan Collection - Pandan Products

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Eco Friendly Market - GREEN WEDDINGS

It has been awhile that I had posted here.  We had been very lately for the wedding season and of course the Christmas orders are flowing in.  Our Facebook page  is up and running - find us on Facebook - GREEN WEDDINGS. 

I had featured there about our first dance after our wedding ceremony.
I can still vividly remember our "first dance" as a newly wed couple.  Since we had a garden reception and both love the Disney theme, our harpist played a lot of disney theme songs.
Here is what she had played---the theme from "Mulan"

You may also share us your story, email us at:
Title: Green Weddings-Share your Story - "First Dance"

Mulan - Reflection

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lauhala Boxes, Hawaiian Wedding Favors, Plumerias, Destination Wedding Favors, Green Wedding Favor Boxes, Pandan Lidded Boxes

Simple and Elegant--You've planned to have a Destination Wedding - particularly Hawaii--so what comes into your mind---Lauhala Boxes, Plumeria, ocean breeze--What will you give your guests as a wedding favor that is elegant, simple, useful and would complement your Hawaiian theme wedding.

With our Pandan Lidded Box, here is a suggestion for you---a simple ribbon with a favor tag, you can put some macadamia cookies inside, or anything that would suit your budget.  After your special day, your guest will love this Pandan Lidded Box and can be used for many purposes--
Check our website to get more information of this Pandan Lidded Box- Item# PB-CINDY (3 inches square) 

Clay plumeria by DK Designs - website : 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Natural Sinamay Envelopes, Eco-Friendly Envelopes, Hawaiian Weddings, Destination Weddings, Tropical Weddings, Beach Weddings, Plumerias

One of my favorite watercolor artwork - beach theme wedding invitations is this Starfish Dream by Designs by Lenila.  If you're planning a destination wedding, this invitation is perfect and together with it is  CD containing more information about your special day in a Sinamay Envelope.
Not only does it complements your destination wedding, the elegance and natural look of it makes it a perfect combination with your invitation.

Sinamay Envelope with detachable cream ribbon
Size: 6 inches square
Color: Natural White

Destination Weddings, Tropical Weddings, Sinamay Envelope, Eco-Friendly Packaging, Natural fiber Envelope, Hawaiian Wedding, Beach Wedding

What about the "Thank you" photos after your wedding day?  After your special day, here's a great way to send the photos of them during the wedding.  Sinamay envelope is a perfect way to send these photos.  Its has the natural, clean fiber look with the same theme that you had on your wedding.
Check out this Sinamay Envelope at our websites:

Pandan Lidded Box, Destination Weddings, Green Weddings, Eco-Friendly Packaging, DK Designs Hawaii, Hawaiian Weddings

More beautiful creations by DK Designs for the Garden Art Party on August 8, 2010.  These are beautiful clay flowers for destination, hawaiian, tropical or beach wedding centerpieces or merely as a present to someone of yourself.  We love these clay flowers and can't stop admiring them.  Diane used our Pandan Lidded Box as her vase which complements well with the arrangement.
To check more of our Pandan Lidded Boxes, go to our website (exclusive for our Pandan/Lauhala products):

We got this comment from our Facebook Page - Green Weddings:

You guys come out with nothing but the best! If you would like - please post these photos on our Northwest Luxury Page -  

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DK Designs & Pandan Lidded Box

I am always amazed how Diane K. Phillips is so talented not only in making clay flowers but her taking photos of our products with her clay flowers etc.
Check her products and photos at her website: 

and our websites: 

She also love our products.  Here she had taken a photo of a silk flower that "Twigs and Honey" and had our Pandan Lidded Box 
as a background--what a beautiful shot!
Photos courtesy of Diane of DK Designs

Pandan Lidded Box & Clay Flowers by DK Designs

Its been a very busy month since the start of July--a busy wedding month and new products and ideas for Green Weddings.
Diane of DK Designs had been creating her clay flower arrangements for wedding favor and centerpieces (but can be for any event or a gift) using our Pandan Lidded Boxes 
Take a sneak peak of one of her beautiful creations for the Garden Art Party hosted by DK Designs and Zenatona.
Diane used our Pandan Lidded Box as her vase-- perfect for Destination, Hawaiian, Beach and Tropical theme weddings and other events.
Pandan Lidded Box with lid
Size: 3 inches square
Color: Natural white
To learn more about pandan boxes, check our website:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eco-Friendly Boxes, Eco-Friendly Gift Packaging, Destination Wedding, Hawaiian Wedding, Out of Town Guest Gift

Wedding Planners contact us to inquire for some ideas that their brides are looking at gifts for their bridesmaids.  They put emphasis that it should be Eco-friendly that would suit a destination or hawaiian wedding.
In this Spa Gift Box, we used our Burlap Box/Eco-Friendly Gift Packaging Box.

Burlap Box with lid and wire frame
Color: Natural Brown
Size: 8 1/2 x 5 x 3

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pandan Lidded Boxes/Lauhala Lidded Boxes

Another beautiful creation of DK Designs Hawaii for one of her brides. She made the bride & bridesmaids bouquet and this matching centerpiece.  This is really beautiful---the soft colors with deep purples--what a great combination.

Diane used our Pandan Lidded Box/Lauhala Lidded Box to create this beautiful centerpiece.
Square Pandan Lidded Box/Lauhala Lidded Box
Size: 6 inches square x 5 inches height
Color: Natural White
Material: Woven Pandan/Lauhala Box

This is also a perfect dining centerpiece or for any event or occasion.
Please note that we sell these Pandan Lidded Boxes/Lauhala Boxes plain without decorations in wholesale and retail (check with us for our list of retailers) quantities.
For this complete ensemble, contact DK Designs Hawaii and mention code: Eco Friendly Market.
Photos courtesy of DK Designs Hawaii--
Thank you Diane for sharing these photos--
For more information about these Pandan Lidded Boxes/Lauhala Boxes, please visit our website:


Friday, May 28, 2010

Pandan Ring Pillows, Eco-Friendly Weddings, Green Weddings, Pandan Accessories

I always love the "Hawaiian, Destination, Tropical & Beach theme Weddings"
Note:  We sell the Pandan Ring Pillows only--available end of July 2010. 
Photos courtesy of DK Designs Hawaii
To order the decorated lauhala/pandan wedding ring pillows, please contact DK Designs and mention code: Eco Friendly Market

Hawaiian Weddings, Lauhala Boxes, Hawaiian Wedding Favors, Orchids, Destination Weddings, Green Wedding Favor Boxes, Pandan Lidded Boxes

Here are more great ideas for your Hawaiian Wedding Favors/Table Seating number.
Note:  We sell the Lauhala Boxes/Pandan Lidded Boxes only.  Decorations not included.
Photos and clay flowers courtesy of DK Designs Hawaii
Lauhala Boxes/Pandan Lidded Boxes
Size: 3 inches square
Color: Natural
Please click photos for a larger view

Our Artisans, Our Inspiration!

We thank you valued clients for doing business with us and our artisans.  Your purchase of our Green Wedding Favors and Accessories help our artisans have a stable way of income for them and their families.

Designs by Lenila

We would also like to feature our friend and valued client Lenila Batali of Designs by Lenila who creates our beautiful watercolor invitations using our natural, sustainable and eco-friendly envelopes, boxes and other products.
Thank you Lenila for working with us!

Lenila has painted and drawn in all different mediums, watercolor being her favorite because of it's soft and "emotional" qualities.


DK Designs Hawaii

We are also very happy to work with Diane of DK Designs Hawaii  She creates all these beautiful clay floral artistry for our boxes, envelopes and other wedding favors and accessories.
DK Designs was established in 2003.
Accredited Deco Clay Craft Academy Instructor.
Diane was the featured artist on the Martha Stewart Show where she showed Martha Stewart how to make clay hydrangea flowers!
DK Designs makes handcrafted clay florals and stationery for weddings, events and your home.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hawaiian Weddings, Lauhala Boxes, Hawaiian Wedding Favors, Orchids, Destination Weddings, Green Wedding Favor Boxes, Pandan Lidded Boxes

You would wonder why we always feature Diane's clay floral artistry--of DK Designs Hawaii
Well, aside from it being  really beautiful and look real flowers, it is eco-friendly and last longer than fresh flowers.  Here are some of Diane's creations--perfect for destination, hawaiian, tropical and beach wedding favors.
Please note that we sell the Lauhala Boxes/Pandan Boxes only
Lauhala Box/Pandan Lidded Box
Size: 3 inches square
Color: Natural

Destination Weddings, Tropical Weddings, Sinamay Envelope, Eco-Friendly Packaging, Natural fiber Envelope, Designs by Lenila, Hawaiian Wedding, Beach Wedding

Abaca (Burlap/Manila Hemp) Envelope
Size: 6 x 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 gusset
Color: White