Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pandan Lidded Boxes/Lauhala Lidded Boxes

Another beautiful creation of DK Designs Hawaii for one of her brides. She made the bride & bridesmaids bouquet and this matching centerpiece.  This is really beautiful---the soft colors with deep purples--what a great combination.

Diane used our Pandan Lidded Box/Lauhala Lidded Box to create this beautiful centerpiece.
Square Pandan Lidded Box/Lauhala Lidded Box
Size: 6 inches square x 5 inches height
Color: Natural White
Material: Woven Pandan/Lauhala Box

This is also a perfect dining centerpiece or for any event or occasion.
Please note that we sell these Pandan Lidded Boxes/Lauhala Boxes plain without decorations in wholesale and retail (check with us for our list of retailers) quantities.
For this complete ensemble, contact DK Designs Hawaii and mention code: Eco Friendly Market.
Photos courtesy of DK Designs Hawaii--
Thank you Diane for sharing these photos--
For more information about these Pandan Lidded Boxes/Lauhala Boxes, please visit our website:


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