Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lauhala Boxes, Hawaiian Wedding Favors, Plumerias, Destination Wedding Favors, Green Wedding Favor Boxes, Pandan Lidded Boxes

Simple and Elegant--You've planned to have a Destination Wedding - particularly Hawaii--so what comes into your mind---Lauhala Boxes, Plumeria, ocean breeze--What will you give your guests as a wedding favor that is elegant, simple, useful and would complement your Hawaiian theme wedding.

With our Pandan Lidded Box, here is a suggestion for you---a simple ribbon with a favor tag, you can put some macadamia cookies inside, or anything that would suit your budget.  After your special day, your guest will love this Pandan Lidded Box and can be used for many purposes--
Check our website to get more information of this Pandan Lidded Box- Item# PB-CINDY (3 inches square) 

Clay plumeria by DK Designs - website : 

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