Friday, May 14, 2010

Eco-Friendly Envelopes, Sinamay Envelope, Environmentally Friendly Envelopes, Earth Friendly Envelopes, Natural Mesh Envelopes

Finally--our notecard inserts for our Sinamay Envelopes--
We have received a lot of questions regarding our Eco-Friendly Envelopes like what are they made of, how are they made, can you describe how you do your fair trade practices etc. etc.  So we have finally decided that our products should be labeled to describe more about it, our business practices etc.  Thanks to the idea from my artist friend and one of our valued clients, Lenila Batali of Designs by Lenila

So from now on, our Eco-Friendly Envelopes will be packed with this info card unless for those regular clients who already know about our products and business practices.

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