Wednesday, January 20, 2010

GREEN WEDDING FAVORS - Seagrass 3 inch square - New Item

Green Wedding Favor made of SEAGRASS BOX decorated by Diane of DK Designs with her clay flowers---A real eco-friendly wedding favor--
This Seagrass Box is a new item and is expected to arrive March 2010.
Please place your orders in advance for these boxes.
Seagrass box with lid
Material : Woven Seagrass
Size: 3 inch square
Color: Natural - Tints of green, yellow and brown
Minimum order:
Wholesale - 100 pieces
Distributors/Importers - 1,000 pieces

Note:  We sell the seagrass boxes only.  For decorated boxes, please contact Diane of DK Designs and mention code: Eco-Friendly Market

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