Monday, May 10, 2010

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Plumerias---I love love Plumerias!  These tropical flowers reminds me of home--Philippines.  When I was a little girl, my Ninang (godmother) Nena's backyard had big plumeria trees, I mean treelike (that big) .  We were neighbors and when the plumerias are in bloom, the whole place is filled with this  wonderful, intoxicating and amazing aroma.

I love the soft, sweet scent of these plumeria flowers  which remind me not just of home but my happy childhood memories.  It also remind us of the islands---especially Hawaii !

So we're putting together a Hawaiian Dream Wedding Ideas to include Lauhala Favor Boxes (Pandan Lidded Boxes) decorated with Plumeria clay flowers, Sinamay Envelopes and Sinamay Lidded Boxes decorated with Plumeria clay flowers, Wedding Ring Pandan Pillows, Pandan Lidded Boxes as centerpieces and many many more---

Here are some photos of Plumerias - courtesy of Dr. Kent (Kim) Bridge-Associate Professor of Botany-University of Hawaii.  Thank you Dr. Kim Bridge for the nice photos--

and here are some photos courtesy of Diane of DK Designs Hawaii--Plumeria Clay Flowers as bouquets, wedding favor boxes etc.  Thank you Diane for sharing these beautiful photos.  To order decorated Lauhala Boxes, contact Diane of DK Designs Hawaii
Note:  Our company ECO FRIENDLY MARKET sell these Pandan Lidded Boxes/Lauhala Wedding Favor Boxes only--Decorations not included --
Call us at Tel# (951) 256-4373 to check the wholesale pricing of these Pandan Lidded Boxes/Lauhala Wedding Favor Boxes or to inquire retailers of these products

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